Affiliate Marketing Beginners Course – Writing Natural and Relevant Content


In this post, I have put together a small course on affiliate marketing for beginners on the subject of writing natural and relevant content. If you are a newbie blogger, then you should read further because there may be some advice here that will stand you in good stead as you go forwards in your Internet marketing journey.

Google Wants Fresh Content                                       

In the ever-changing algorithms of the Google machine, the hot ticket is fresh and original content – and quite rightly so!

At the end of the day, Google is a business, and they want to show their users the best, most original and up to date content they can. Google’s ultimate mission is the same as ours, to increase customer satisfaction and get life long customers. That is achieved by providing the best results they can.

The world is a fast moving place now with news and technologies changing on an hourly basis. This means Google will prioritize over fresher and better content within its search results.

Let me give you an example:

Let us say you are writing a blog post about “SEO techniques to avoid”, and you are in the planning stages of your articles, you are trying to figure out what to write about.

Sure you can write about the usual things such as:

  • Article directory submissions
  • Spamming backlinks
  • Low-quality guest posting
  • And so on, and so forth…

But there is nothing fresh here, and there is nothing “new” you can write about these topics because they have long since been proven to be outdated and useless SEO techniques.

However, what if you took a different approach to this article? What if you wrote more about what has happened in the last few months!

By going to somewhere like Search Engine Watch, you can pick up information about the latest updates to the Google algorithm and write a completely fresh and unique article on SEO.

These ideas will be completely fresh, and this is something that your readers, and Google, will love because it is something worth reading about.

You can speculate about the impact these new updates have on search results, collect quotations from other authority blogs on the subject and write a solid article on this new and fresh topic.

Does that make sense?

So the next article you write try and think outside the box a little bit and think to yourself

  • Is there any fresh information out there on this subject/product or service?
  • Is there a different angle to approach this from?
  • Are there any upcoming updates/sequels to this service or product?


Importance Of Relevant Content Within Affiliate Marketing

Relevant content is incredibly important, in terms of user experience and in the eyes of the search engine algorithms.

User Experience

This aspect is often overlooked, but it is vital that you write relevant content for your reader’s needs. Giving great user experience is so important!

If your reader is brought to your website through Google, and they want to find out information about “Writing relevant content when blogging” but the article itself is talking about something entirely different, then the user will bounce.

This in turn, will cause a reaction from Google and lower your article’s SERP (Search Engine Results Page) because its trackers can see that your website is not providing value.

If you were providing relevant and quality content then they would not bounce so quickly, right?

With this in mind, make sure the title of your article correlate exactly what the article is about – also that your meta description is relevant to your content. Otherwise, people will be misled and leave your website very quickly.

Search Engines

This one is quite obvious but needs to be mentioned regardless. A lot of beginners forget this point.

If you want to rank for a particular keyword, then make sure you write content about that keyword.

Seems silly to have to write this but I myself have drifted off topic many times before, and it is only once I proofread my article, that I realize I have not written anything remotely what the article title suggests.

Stay on topic and write relevant content. Otherwise, the search engines will not know what your article is about.

This is also important for your website as a whole. If you have a website about SEO, but you suddenly write an article about dog grooming, Google will have no idea what to do with that content, and it will not rank.

It does not hurt to remind yourself of these points once in a while, which is why I wrote this beginners course.

Write As Natural As You Can

Another mistake newbie affiliates can sometimes make is to “try too hard to make the keyword fit”.

Once you have your keyword in mind, use it once in the opening paragraph and then just let the words flow. If you write naturally then the relevant words will simply come out–you guessed it, naturally!

However, if you try to force the keywords or product placements into your content, then there won’t be any flow to your text.

This may not necessarily damage your rankings, but your readership will pick up it because people these days are much more savvy about links and product placements now.

Within this short course I have multiple keywords in mind – however, I do not think about where they are, or what my density is. I just write, and as long as I give value and write relevant content then you will find that the keywords will come by themselves.

One good tip to take with you from this course is to:

“Write content for your reader, with the intention of giving value!”


All the other stuff such as e-mail list building, conversion and upsells can come later. If you give a great user experience, then the conversions will come naturally.



I would like to conclude this affiliate marketing beginners course on content writing by saying this:

Ranking in Google is all about writing honest, fresh and quality content. You can take all the other aspects such as:

  • Social media
  • Email marketing
  • Networking
  • Keyword research
  • Product placements
  • Etc…


All of these areas of affiliate marketing mean absolutely NOTHING unless you have quality content. You can have the biggest email list in the world, but if your promotional content is low quality, then your conversion will be in the toilet.

However, if your content is great, honest and relevant then your conversion will increase dramatically. Not to mention you will give great value to your readers and build a long lasting relationship with them.

I hope you found some useful tips here and please do leave a comment below if you have anything to add!


The above article was written by guest blogger Philip Borrowman–owner of the blog Much thanks and appreciation to Philip for taking the time for writing this article. For more information about Philip, click here.


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