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You may or may not be aware that if you want your blog, online business, or even brick and mortar business to receive an increase in traffic and/or customers, you need to have some sort of visual representation. One of the best ways to do this is by using Pinterest.

What Is


Pinterest is basically a website where you can bookmark or “pin” images of things that interest you. You get to create “boards” where you can place your pins. You can create several boards where each one represents a particular subject or topic. The best feature about pinning images or videos is that if a visitor clicks on that video or image it will take them directly to your site only. Another great feature is that people generally like to look at pictures rather than read a bunch of text. Therefore, the more physically appealing your picture is, the better the chance that the person will click on your picture and go directly to your website and make a purchase or use your services. Please see the video below describing in more detail what Pinterest is all about:


Benefits of  Using Pinterest as a Marketing Tool

If you want to further promote your business, using Pinterest has some advantages over other social media forms such as:

1. A great source of referral traffic.  Pinterest has the advantage over other social media in that the shared content has a much longer lifespan. You can pin something on a board today, and if visitors like your pin they can each re-pin it to their perspective boards so their friends can see it and so on.

2. Very popular with the search engines, like Google.  As long as your pins and boards are properly keyword-ed, they will rank high in the search engines. High ranking will attract more traffic to your website or blog.

3.  A great source of inspiration for new ideas. Following boards of other people who have similar interests can often help you come up with new ideas or topics for your blog or website.

4.  Greatly reduces marketing and advertising costs.  Setting up a Pinterest account is free. Therefore, it makes sense to use Pinterest to advertise and generate traffic to your business especially if you have little or no money to spend on advertising.


I currently use Pinterest as a means of drawing traffic to my blog and other business opportunities. Although I have yet to succeed in getting any sales as a result of using Pinterest, I know that mastering the use of Pinterest is still a work in progress :-). However, you cannot ever master Pinterest if you do not begin with setting up an account and get the feel of setting up boards and pinning images that interest you. I think Pinterest is a great tool for businesses to use because it allows you to utilize images and videos as visual aids for promoting the business. The more visual your business is to the public, the better chance it will attract visitors and make money.

It is my sincere wish that I have encouraged you to give Pinterest a try. Here is a snapshot of what my Pinterest account looks like:



If you have any questions or comments, please feel to leave them below. Have a wonderful day, and happy pinning!



16 thoughts on “Create Interest in Your Business with Pinterest

  1. Jacob Schilling says:

    Hi Deidre, to properly take advantage of Pinterest, do you think that one should be a digital artist? I personally do not think that many people are going to re-pin images that are seen everywhere/images people have seen before. How would you approach marketing your business through pictures?

    -Jacob Schilling

    • Deidre says:

      Hi Jacob,

      I do not think that a person has to be a digital artist in order to pin pictures on Pinterest. In fact, I think most people, myself included, are not digital artists. My personal opinion is that people who pin pictures on their Pinterest boards either pin images that they find on the internet or upload their own images pertaining to the board topic.  Re-pinning images I understand to be similar to a “like” on Facebook. If someone re-pins an image on your board, that means that they like what they see, and will be more inclined to visit your site. This also will expose your image to their followers who may also visit your site. I do not know what your business is, but my suggestion as to how to market it by using pictures is to do a search on Pinterest for boards of other people who have the same business as yourself to see what kind of images they are using. This will give you an idea of what your competition is doing to market their businesses. Once you have this information, you can then either create or look for images to pin that will make your business stand out from the rest.
      Hope this helps,


  2. Linda says:

    I enjoyed this post and am intrigued with the concept of using Pinterest to promote my website. I love Pinterest for my personal interests and hobbies. It’s such a wonderfully visual experience! It’s a little challenging to effectively promote an affiliate marketing website in a pictorial fashion, but I’m going to have to pursue this further. Thanks for the great suggestion.

    • Deidre says:

      Hi Linda,

      I am glad that you have found the information in my post useful. Pinterest is just another social media outlet that you can use to promote your business. The more visual the topic of your site, the more likely Pinterest will be easier to use. I do not have any actual statistics; this is just my opinion. If you do decide to give Pinterest a try, I hope it works out well for you. Kyle even has a lesson on how to set up a Pinterest account. Thanks for commenting on my post.

  3. Tasos Perte Tzortzis says:

    Hey there Deidre , interesting subject as Pinterest is another huge network with numerous opportunities.Some using it as an advertising platform , other as inspiration but on top of that is a great resource of free traffic as you perfectly analysed.

    How long have you been using this service?

    Are you thinking in buying Pins to promote your blog?

    Thanks for these tips , cheers.

    P.S .. I found you on Pinterest and followed you.

    • Deidre says:

      Hi Tasos,

      Thanks for following me on Pinterest. I am also following some of your boards. I have not been using Pinterest for very long. I am still familiarizing myself with it, such as creating boards, pinning content, and following other people’s boards. I am not currently planning to buy Pins to promote my blog. Are you? I think I will practice getting good at pinning and getting followers and traffic to my blog first before I try anything else. Has Pinterest been working for you so in terms of driving traffic to your blog?

  4. Hi Deidre

    This is my second visit to your website and I just learned something new. I had no idea that a person can promote their website ie (picture object) using Pinterest. Thanks for sharing this information.

  5. Guy says:

    Hi. I’ve been wondering about Pinterest for quite some time now on how it can help me with my business. I have a few friends that seem to be quite active in it, but I don’t know what kind of results they get from it.

    I decided to sign up too but find it difficult to use it somehow. Do you have any tutorials or articles showing how to use Pinterest effectively?

  6. rufat says:

    Great info on how to use Pinterest to grow your online business. I agree that even simple images can drive some traffic to your online business and as I know some internet marketers are very successful entrepreneurs thanks to using social networks alone. I noticed when I use Pinterest actively I get some traffic. The best traffic comes from Facebook in my experience. It looks like I should focus more on Pinterest. Thank you for the info. BTW, are getting any good traffic from Pinterest?

    • Deidre says:

      Hi rufat,

      Thanks for commenting. I have gotten some traffic from Pinterest. However, the main challenge I have is that images are needed to post on Pinterest, and the images need to be attractive enough to visitors to click on. Sometimes I cannot find either attractive images or any images for some of my posts. I’m beginning to think that if your website niche is one that is visual in nature, then Pinterest would be a great source of traffic. However, this does not mean that Pinterest should not be used for niches that are less visual; it just may be a bit more challenging in trying to find images to post for articles. Since you are getting some traffic from Pinterest, keep using it. Best of luck to you.

  7. Shivaram says:

    I read your article about Create Interest in your Business with Pinterest. This is infact the topic I was looking to read for a long time. Starting next week, I will be using Pinterest for my website. I am glad that I bumped into your post. This is infact going to help me a LOT to do well with my business. You have done a great job in demonstrating on how to do this. I will be visiting your article again once I start working on Pinterest.

    • Deidre says:

      Hi Shivaram,

      Thanks for your kind comments. I am glad that I was able to help you. Best wishes for success in using Pinterest.

  8. RuthM says:

    Thats interesting. I only ever saw Pinterest as a place to put up pictures of your kitchen ideas, or your kids bedroom. That’s what I had used it for. I would like to set up a home business and had never considered Pinterest for this. If you don’t mind, I’ll take a look at your board for some ideas. Great article.

    • Deidre says:

      Hi Ruth,

      With Pinterest, you can have as many boards as you want, with each board representing one of your many interests. You can set up one board for your home business, and another for kitchen ideas, etc. In fact Kyle mentions in one of his lessons that having a Pinterest account with several boards will give others an idea of what kind of person you are and the things that interest you. This is the link to Kyle’s lesson:

      Feel free to look at my Pinterest boards; I don’t have a lot of pins as yet, but I am working on it. Thanks for commenting on my article.

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