Is The Dubli Network Opportunity A Scam?


Do you like shopping online at your favorite store’s website?  How would you like to receive cash back from those purchases? Better yet, how would you like to receive money just for sharing your website with others who make purchases from that website as an affiliate? If yes, then read further on how the Dubli Network may be the opportunity you are looking for…


What is the Dubli Network?

The Dubli Network, founded in 2003, is basically a global marketing company where people can shop online at their favorite stores and receive cashback on their everyday purchases. What makes this company unique is that it offers those who wish to make extra money online as an affiliate an opportunity to do so by simply sharing their ready-made Dubli website with others and when a purchase is made from that website, Dubli pays them a commission. Here is a brief video explanation:



Dubli Network (Product) vs. Dubli Network (Business Opportunity)

It is very important to make the distinction between Dubli’s product and its business opportunity. You have the option of just taking advantage of shopping online and receiving cash back on your purchases OR you can do that IN ADDITION to becoming an affiliate of the Dubli Network. Here are the main features:



The Dubli Network Biz Opp Compensation Plan

Now it’s time to get into more detail about the compensation plan the Dubli Network offers. At first glance I can tell you that the start up fees for this business opportunity are pricey and may not be affordable for some people. However, I will give you the basics and you can decide for yourself if this opportunity is worth the investment.


Enrollment Packages

      1. Business Package— for a one time fee of $99 + annual business license renewal fee of $39, you become a Business Associate(BA).  With this package, you receive 20-30% cash back commissions on all customers personally enrolled by you and also all customers that they refer. You also get your very own personal Dubli Network back office with a wide variety of marketing materials, reports, educational tools and more. BA’s do not have to pay monthly fees or purchase products to remain qualified to earn commissions. However, having just a business package does NOT allow you to recruit other BA members or to earn Dubli organizational commissions. In order to recruit other BA’s and earn organizational commissions, you must upgrade to a higher level.
      2. Team Member(TM) Package costs a one time fee of $495 +$99 Business package + annual business renewal fee of $39, this will allow you to recruit other BA’s and earn organizational commissions. The TM package is a VIP Lounge Membership Bundle which includes 6 (5 +1 Free) VIP Lounge Membership Vouchers (worth $594 in value). If you want to become a TM, you are required to purchase both the TM and Business packages.
      3. Special Team Member (STM) Package–costs a one time fee of $297 + $99 Business package + annual business renewal fee of $39. The STM package is a VIP Lounge Membership Bundle which includes 3 1-year VIP Membership Lounge Vouchers. The STM package is currently not offered within the US; it is offered in India, Pakistan, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, and other countries.
      4. Partner Program Accelerator (PPA) Package–this package was designed to help new Business Associates by providing a variety of tools to hit the ground running towards building their DubLi Network business from the start. For a one time fee of $2,475, you get the following:

—25 + 5 FREE One-Year VIP Lounge Membership Vouchers ($2,970 value)
—Business Package – FREE ($99 value)
—Access to the BSP Rewards Partner Program Certification Training Course-FREE ($999 value)
—Access to the Customer Landing Pages – FREE ($399/year value)
—Up to 50% Discount on Partner Program Vouchers
—10% Organizational Commission

There are 8 ways to earn money within the Dubli Network, as depicted in the image below:

How much money you want to make is totally up to you–the more you decide to pay in start up fees for the different membership levels, the greater the return on your investment, provided you put in the time and effort to market and promote your business.


Is the Dubli Network Business Opportunity A Scam?

To be honest, I would have to say no, because my research has shown that people are making money with this business. However, I think that one has to keep in mind that if you are looking to get rich quick, this is NOT it.  If you are someone who is thinking about getting involved with online business opportunities but does not have a lot of money to spend, then I would suggest not investing money into the business side of the Dubli Network. Instead, why not sign up for the Dubli Product (e-commerce website) and shop online and earn cash back on what you personally buy? You can do this for free–just to get a feel for what it is like.  If it works out where you are earning nice cash back commissions, then perhaps that will be the time to consider making the upgrade to the business side of the opportunity. As always, you should do your due diligence and research the Dubli Network for more information so that you can make the decision that is right for you. Just keep in mind that more and more people are shopping online for their everyday purchases so the potential for you to earn income with the Dubli Network opportunity should become greater over time.

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to state them below. Have a great day!







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