My Lead Company–An In-Depth Review


Name:  My Lead Company                                                                      


Price: Varies–depends on # of leads purchased

Owner: J.R.  Jackson, Founder/CEO


For those of you who are in the network marketing/affiliate marketing business, or even a brick and mortar business, you need leads that convert to sales in order for that business to be successful. While the jury is still out on whether or not it is better to buy targeted leads, I will assume for the purposes of this post that you are interested in buying targeted leads. The purpose of this post is to inform you about one such company that I currently use called My Lead Company. 

What is My Lead Company?


With My Lead Company (MLC), affiliate and/or network marketers can purchase leads on a weekly basis for just about any online business. What sets MLC apart from other companies in the lead selling business is that they have a trademarked technology called LeapFrog™ which means that when you sign up and purchase a lead package every week, you will lock your position in what they call a straighline downline. This means that anyone else who joins after you(regardless if that person was directly referred by you or someone else), they will not be able to leap over your position in MLC’s straightline downline.  MLC runs their LeapFrog™ system every night at midnight pacific time, so they stress that you buy your leads at least once per week in order not to lose your position.


MLC’s Straightline Downline



Here are the different types of lead packages that you can purchase through My Lead Company:


My Lead Company’s Business Opportunity Option

If you are looking for a business opportunity to make some extra money, MLC gives you the chance to do so.  All you have to do is promote MLC through your blog, social media, email, classified ads, etc. Once someone joins through your affiliate link and purchases a lead package, you will earn a commission. Another feature that sets MLC apart from other competitors is that MLC pays commissions DAILY. In fact, they have a countdown clock telling you exactly when the next commission payout will be.


Maintaining your locked in position in the straightline downline previously mentioned is important because the higher up you are on the straightline, the more money you can receive in commissions.


My Lead Company Benefits

1.  You can purchase as many lead packages as you want– according to your budget

2.  For each lead package purchased, you get 10% extra leads thrown in for free to compensate for those whose  contact information is either incorrect or inactive

3.  In addition to buying leads, you have the option to become an affiliate member and earn commissions from getting others to join and purchase leads

4.  Commissions are paid at midnight daily–the more you refer others who buy leads, the more you earn

5.  Leads purchased are generic; they can be used for any business

6.  Free to join; also get free replicated website to promote MLC as an option

6.  Compensation plan includes 19 different ways that income can be earned (see video below)

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Possible Drawbacks

1.  Have to purchase leads on a weekly basis in order to receive daily commissions–can be costly for those on tight budgets

2.  Leads are generic; no guarantee that most of leads that are purchased will result in sales for your business. May have to purchase large number of leads before you start to see results

3.  Slow response time for support tickets submitted.  On two occasions, I submitted a support ticket and the response time was slow–more than 48 hrs

4.  Lead packages purchased are standing orders–they will keep sending you leads every week unless you cancel before the next order is filled.

5. No option for ordering leads intermittently; you have to order a package then cancel the order when you get the reminder email from MLC that you will be billed for the next order of leads on a certain date. This email has a link for you to cancel your order.


My Overall Rating for My Lead Company

      3 star rating

I gave My Lead Company a 3-star rating because I have not yet received any money from them. Don’t get me wrong, I do have some money accumulated in my eWallet, but MLC will not let you cash out until the amount is greater than $50. My main frustration with MLC is that I do not like the fact that they want you to order leads weekly. Since I am not yet making sufficient income from affiliate marketing, I cannot afford this. The reason J.R Jackson says that MLC is set up to have you order leads weekly is because past experience and research with purchasing leads weekly  has better results.  I think this is really a gimmick to get you to keep paying for leads automatically. You’d be surprised how fast a week goes by, and then Wham!–you’re billed for another order of leads (you’ll receive that courtesy email from MLC saying that your lead order has been filled). Currently, I order leads when I have the funds to do so. I do not like the process of placing an order and then having to cancel before the next 7 days have passed just so I won’t be billed for the next order. I find this very inconvenient.

Another frustration I have with MLC is that if you have not ordered any leads for a month or more, they will send you an email saying you will lose your place in the straightline downline unless you place an order for leads to secure your position. If you are not ordering leads, you will be LeapFrogged™ over by other members that have joined and ordered leads after you.  I think this is another gimmick by MLC to make you feel like you are losing something and guilty for not ordering leads.

Training and Tools                       MLC_Univ_logo

In regards to MLC promotional tools, there are text ads and banners that can be used to promote MLC.  There is also a resource library containing marketing materials that can be used for any online business. However, you must be an active (paying) member in order to have free access to these materials. For free members, the only other training tools available are archived conference calls listed under “MLC University”.  Personally, I think that the number of conference calls provided by the CEO Mr. Jackson, are few and far between. Currently there are only 6 archived conference calls, with the latest call recorded sometime in November of 2014. I think companies that really want to help its members succeed usually provide training more often and more consistently.


I think that purchasing leads through My Lead Company can be of some benefit for those who want to expand or grow their businesses. However, I think it will most benefit those who can afford to purchase large lead packages. In other words, if you can afford to purchase leads every week and you are getting results (converted sales) from those leads, then by all means continue to utilize the service.  If you are either just starting out or have a very limited budget (no money) to purchase leads, then a better alternative may be to generate leads from other free sources, such as through social media. To get up to date training on how to utilize social media to promote your business and how to generate leads, click here for my #1 recommendation.

It is my sincere hope that I have given you enough information to draw your own conclusion regarding purchasing leads through My Lead Company or purchasing leads in general. Please feel free to leave your comments or questions below as I would love to know your opinion.  Feel free to click here to get 100 Free leads to promote your business as a parting gift–thank you for taking the time to read my review.

To your success,



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