Rich Dad’s Conspiracy of the Rich–My Honest Book Review



Do you know the 8 new rules of money?

Do you think that the rich have some sort of “conspiracy” against the middle class and poor–in other words, ways to make themselves richer at the expense of the middle class and poor?

If the answer to the first question is no and the answer to the second is yes, then I think you should definitely read this post. I must admit that before I read this book, I did not know the 8 new rules of money (heck, I didn’t know any rules) and I certainly did think that the odds were “stacked” against me becoming rich.

After reading this book, I have a much clearer understanding of why the rich get richer and the poor and middle class get poorer. It comes down to thisthe rich are keenly aware of and play by the new rules of money (they have the financial intelligence to do so) while the poor and middle class lack the financial intelligence and thus are unable to do so.

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