Time is Precious: Spend Your Time Wisely


 Ask yourself this question:

How do you spend your time?

Have you been guilty at one time or another of the following:

1. You have an important deadline to meet or there is something that Must be done today or else tomorrow it will be too late. You end up not doing it because you think ” I don’t have time”

2.  You seem to have “lots of time” to do the things you like to do or seem easy to do. However, they are for the most part not that important and can be done later during your spare time.

Most people, myself included, are guilty of not spending our time wisely. People tend to procrastinate and waste time doing trivial, mundane things that are rarely the most important. These trivial things may make us “busy” but they are not bringing us any closer to whatever goals and/or deadlines we have to meet in any given day.

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