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Keyword research

Keyword research, keyword research….if you are involved with network marketing or have a website or online business, I’m sure that you’ve heard quite often that in order to get lots of traffic to your website, you have to know what keywords to use so that your posts or webpages get high ranking in Google. The higher the ranking your webpage is in Google, the more traffic will come to your webpage, and the more likely you will get sales as a result.

What is a Keyword?

A keyword is defined as a word or concept of great significance. It can also be thought of as either a word or a phrase that people put in a search engine to look for information. Keywords are basically words and phrases people use everyday. People do searches online everyday for just about anything you can imagine.

Why are keywords important?

Keywords are mainly important because:

  1. They help your webpage get high ranking in the search engines
  2. They help bring targeted traffic to your webpage, thus increasing your potential of making sales


What are the main problems people have with keywords?

1. Lack of understanding of how they work.   Many people have no clue on how to do keyword research, so they may write pages of good content, but the pages never get traffic because they lack the keywords that people are using in the search engines.

2. People do not know how to perform keyword research properly. This is most likely due to people perhaps not being trained on how to do the research. One of the biggest differences between successful network marketers and those who are not is that the successful marketers know to use keyword research effectively. These are the ones whose webpages are almost always ranked high–on page 1 of Google.

3.  People think that keyword research is too time-consuming.  If the assumption is that keyword research takes a long time to conduct, they will either not attempt it (and just hope that their websites will somehow get ranked in Google) or just do a haphazard search instead.


A Simple Approach to Beginning Keyword Research

When I first started writing posts for my blog, I had no understanding of what keywords were much less how to use them properly. However while searching for legitimate opportunities to make extra money online, I came across Wealthy Affiliate.com (my #1 recommendation) that helps people who want to make money online through blogging or through their websites. Click here to listen to a sample of one of the trainings provided by one of the site’s owners regarding using keywords.

I also would like to introduce you to a nifty little tool included in the Wealthy Affiliate site that simplifies keyword research–it’s called Jaaxy.  Jaaxy is a software that allows you to accomplish the following:

  • Niche research ( if you are unsure of what people are constantly searching for online)
  • Determine which niches are low competition vs. high competition
  • Find popular keywords that are used by people in the major search engines, such as Google and  Bing
  • Find keywords that convert to potential sales

Skeptical? Why don’t you see for yourself? You can open a free account which allows you up to 30 searches. If you find Jaaxy truly amazing, you can then upgrade to get full access for $19 per month.

If you for whatever reason do not want to open a free account at this time, I am giving you the opportunity to try out Jaaxy below:


In closing, I hope I have given you a clearer understanding about keywords in general as well as the importance of doing keyword research properly. Please feel free to leave your comments and/or questions and I will be happy to respond. Have a great day!






2 thoughts on “Understanding Keyword Research Made Simple

  1. Great post, Diedre!! 🙂

    The Google Keyword Planner tool is the best free tool I’ve used for keyword research. This guide is perfect for newbies, and anyone who wants to improve their SEO traffic to their affiliate marketing websites.

    I just created a video on keyword research that you may be interested in looking at… It’s right here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0yosTBE714Q

    Thanks Diedre… Your blog is awesome!


    • Deidre says:

      Hi Brendan,
      Thank you for commenting on my post. I will take a look at your video regarding keyword research. I am
      always interested in learning as much as I can regarding keyword research as I still have not quite
      gotten the hang of using it to my advantage. Thanks for the info.

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