3 Ways to Create Multiple Streams of Income Online

Do you often find yourself running out of money and the current month is not even half over? Then you are faced with a dilemma–either cut back on expenses or earn more income.  Cutting back on expenses may help, but chances are that you will be unhappy because you will not be able to live the way you want–a very discouraging and depressing prospect. The more viable option is to earn more income. Ways of earning more income need not be limited to getting a second (or third) job. There are several ways to earn income online which can be used to either supplement your job income or even replace your job income entirely. The choice is up to you. I will discuss 3 excellent ways to earn income online that may interest you.

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Is Buying Gold A Good Investment?

You may or may not have heard general news reports stating that the US dollar(USD) as the world’s reserve currency is losing its value. This means that if other countries no longer accept the USD as payment for its goods and services, the USD will be considered worthless and will most likely send our economy into a depression similar to that of the Great Depression of 1929.

What are wealthy and/or financially intelligent people doing to protect themselves if another depression hits?

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Increase Your Financial IQ by Playing Cashflow–Game 5

Here’s the outcome of the fifth Cashflow game I played. I am pleased to say that I won the game by  accumulating $50,000 in monthly cash flow from purchasing businesses on the fast track. The entire game was completed in about 45 minutes, the same amount of time used to complete Game 4. However, I was not the first one to get out of the rat race; I was second. As I was playing this game, I made some interesting observations: Continue reading

My Lead Company–An In-Depth Review

Name:  My Lead Company                                                                      

Website: www.myleadcompany.com

Price: Varies–depends on # of leads purchased

Owner: J.R.  Jackson, Founder/CEO


For those of you who are in the network marketing/affiliate marketing business, or even a brick and mortar business, you need leads that convert to sales in order for that business to be successful. While the jury is still out on whether or not it is better to buy targeted leads, I will assume for the purposes of this post that you are interested in buying targeted leads. The purpose of this post is to inform you about one such company that I currently use called My Lead Company.  Continue reading

Buying Targeted Leads–Is It Really Necessary?

Every online business needs new customers or new leads in order to stay alive. However, the question is should leads be purchased or not? There seems to be no real consensus on this.  Some internet marketers will argue that buying targeted leads is essential in order to have a thriving business while others will argue against buying targeted leads because they rarely convert to sales.   Continue reading

Understanding Keyword Research Made Simple

Keyword research

Keyword research, keyword research….if you are involved with network marketing or have a website or online business, I’m sure that you’ve heard quite often that in order to get lots of traffic to your website, you have to know what keywords to use so that your posts or webpages get high ranking in Google. The higher the ranking your webpage is in Google, the more traffic will come to your webpage, and the more likely you will get sales as a result. Continue reading

The Cashflow Quadrant–An Honest Book Review


Have you ever wished that you can make money and achieve wealth like rich people do? If the answer is yes, then it is very important that you have a clear understanding of which quadrant you are starting from and what it takes to move into the quadrant where the rich reside.Robert T. Kiyosaki’s The Cashflow Quadrant, is the sequel to his first book, Rich Dad, Poor Dad.

In Rich Dad, Robert discussed the differences in philosophies between his real father and best friend’s father regarding money and finance and how they both influenced him and made him what he is today. You can read my Rich Dad book review here.

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Playing Cashflow–Lessons Learned–Game 3

Here’s the outcome of the third Cashflow game I played.  It took me an hour to get out of the rat race, but this time, I won the game. Hooray!

Game Three (Using the electronic version with 2 computer opponents)  


My Occupation: Airline Pilot

Opponents’ Professions: Janitor and Firefighter

Winner:  1st place: Airline Pilot (me)

2nd place: Janitor

3rd place: Firefighter

Lessons Learned-How I Won

As I was playing this game, I made some interesting observations:

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